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Journal of Ecology and Toxicology, a peer reviewed, Open Access Journal provides an open platform for eminent scientists around the globe to publish their scholarly work in field related to organism association with their ecological niche and effects incurred by various deleterious toxic substances to organism and their effects at each level of ecological hierarchy. Various regulatory approaches for toxic chemicals management are included in scope of Journal of Ecology and Toxicology.

The Journal of Ecology and Toxicology is open access publication that documents and disseminates biological, industrial, clinical, and technological toxins that may affect the environment in various ways. The main motto of the journal is to provide a platform for the environmental scientists, NGOs, activists and the organizations engaged in environmental research or the one that advocates toxic free environment to discuss the way the natural and manmade toxins influence environment.


The study areas of the Ecology and Toxicology Journal’s include topics that may minimize or mitigate environmental toxicity like Ecotoxicology, Bioaccumulation, Polychlorinated biphenyls(PCBs), Toxicants, Biomagnification, Computational toxicology, Toxicogenomics, Toxinology, Persistent organic pollutant, In vitro toxicology, Chelation therapy, Environmental Disasters and Modes of toxic action.


The open access journal is published by OMICS Group who hosts more than 700 open access peer-reviewed journals as well as organizes more than 3000 International scientific Conferences. Established in the 2008, Omics has been serving the scientific community relentlessly with its open access platform for publishing the research outcome to reach the global scientific fraternity. Besides research articles, it publishes Review article, short commentary, book review, mini review and many more. In 2008, the first journal is published.

The Journal is effectively running in the second Volume which is an open access peer-explored diary which incorporates a wide scope of fields. The journal thus welcomes manuscripts that highlight on the recent developments on ecological and toxicological and its evolution, including Ecological Niche, Food Pyramid, Microenvironment, Ecological Pyramids, Ecological Succession, Biomagnification, Eutrophication, Bioremediation, Persistent organic pollutants, Radioactive wastes, Global warming, Climate Change, Human Ecology, Wind and Turbulence, Molecular Ecology, Biogeochemistry and Climate etc.

Realizing the importance of this field, ConferenceSeries recently successfully completed the “Earth science and climate change Conferences (Global Earth science 2019)” which was held at Lisbon, Portugal on Nov 26-27, 2019. Theme of the Conference is Advanced Revolution in Earth science and fighting the Climate change. The meet has given an incredible breadth to connection of experts remembering for expansion to clinical specialists and top-level pathologists and researchers from around the world, on a solitary stage.


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