Environment Pollution and Climate Change Would Like to celebrate its Thanksgiving by Providing High Discounts on APC


The Journal “ Environment Pollution and Climate Change” has successfully completed its three volumes and successfully entering into the fourth by 2020. On this occasion, we heartfully invite research scholars, academicians, students and scientists to publish their research findings as Research articles, Case reports, Reviews, Perspectives, Short commentaries etc., towards this journal at highest possible discounts and best in class services.


The journal has taken a strong resolution to serve its readers and authors by including the best in class advertising strategies to enhance the author’s scholarly visibility and readability.


Having established in the year 2016, “Environment Pollution and Climate Change” journal achieved good readership and honour from the scientific societies. Being one of the upcoming journals of OMICS group, it is striving hard to mark its existence in this highly competitive world by publishing the most recent developments in the fields of  PollutionGlobal WarmingClimate Change, Green House gases.


We are honoured to have the best editorial board as our back bone that always encourages new ideas from authors and stretch their helping hands to provide suggestions to them.


We are glad to introduce some of our editors who have been mapping directions for the best recognition of the journal. Antonio Lonigro works at the Department of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences of University of Bari, Italy on environmental monitoring of chemical, physical, microbiological and toxicological aqueous matrices, on soils and plants. His research focus is primarily on biological treatment of  waste water, aimed at the removal of microbial pathogens, nutrients and xenobiotics and/or resource recovery; Diego Pablo Ruiz, a Professor for Applied physics at Faculty of sciences, University of Granada, Spain. His main areas of research interests include Environmental pollution control and assessment, Environmental modelling, Environmental noise, Air pollution and it's modelling, Climate change, Environmental signalling and data processing and Environmental education; Henglong Xu is a Professor in the Department of Marine Ecology, University of China. Microbial ecology, Ecological methodology and Environmental sciences in aquatic ecosystems are his core research interests; David Broday handling the role of Associate Professor/Director at The Technion Center of Excellence in Exposure Science and Environmental Health, Israel. Broday’s research interests include  Air pollution, Aerosol and  atmospheric physics; Tao Wang is an Associate Professor at Central University of Finance and Economics, China and his research interests are Climate adaptation, and climate adaptation engineering, Building energy conservation and policy, Risk management, and  disaster economics, Sustainable development, low energy/carbon development.


Editorial team
Environment Pollution and Climate Change
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