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As our journal (JEE)  has completed 10 years we are celebrating 10th anniversary we have announced almost 50 per cent discount on article processing charge to commemorate its 10th Anniversary so we are inviting eminent researches, fellowman’s, science students, scientists for the submission of their valuable, innovative articles which would be helpful to our journal publication in forth coming issue ( volume5, issue 3) .

Journal of Ecosystem and Ecography  is an international open access journal publishing the quality peer-reviewed research articles relevant to the field of Environmental Sciences. The journal selects the articles to be published with a single bind, peer review system, following the practices of good scholarly journals. It supports the open access policy of making scientific research accessible to one and all.

Journal Impact Factor 0.02* ; 1.5* (5 Year Journal Impact Factor)
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Have a glance on Google analytics  which you can notice the graph ou journal citation

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It is quite evident from Google Analytics data that browser, viewers, and users are constantly visiting the web page of the journal from various quarters of the world 24×7.

• It was observed that approximately (500) visitors have accessed the journal pages for reading and deriving information for their use

• Our reader base originates from both developing and developed Nations. Readers from all the continents were found to visit our website the proportion of their distribution was as follows: India ,USA ,Nigeria, Ethiopia etc..

• The average time spent by a visitor per session of 2 min indicated that their visit is not mere drop in but for availing the facility with some purpose which include viewing, reading, downloading and navigating.

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