Painful Clubbing Revealing a Bone Tumor Cell Giant (JCTR)


Giant cell bone tumors are relatively rare, with predominance in young adults and a predilection for epiphyses and metaphysis of long bones. The clinic is nonspecific but the radiological and histological characteristics allow the diagnostic confirmation. In view of their possible metastatic and particularly pulmonary power, these tumors are located on the malignant side of benign tumors. We report a case of digital clubbing having revealed a giant cell tumor.

Нe nail is a keratinized skin appendage, endowed with several roles. It is intimately linked to the periosteum of the distal phalanx as a tire and a rim. All abnormal tissue under the nail is associated with a deformation of the nail and vice versa all the deformations and/or nail malformations must systematically seek a pathology underlying structures particularly bone. We present a case of a painful clubbing that revealed a bone giant cell.

A 20-year-old man, with no notable medical history, victim of ungual trauma of the 5th leі ٽnger, two years ago. Consulted for a digital clubbing with a painful tumefaction of the third phalanx (Figure 1). Нe X-ray examination revealed multiple lytic images, distortion of the distal phalanx, a periosteal thinning without soі tissue involvement (Figure 2). Нe clinical and radiological aspects favored a giant cell bone tumor. Нe patient was referred to a trauma department where he had the beneٽt of histological conٽrmation by bone biopsy followed by biopsy curettage. Нe extension assessment, especially pulmonary, was normal and the evolution was favourable.

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