Perioperative fluid management: Consensus statement from the enhanced recovery partnership



Journal of Forensic Medicine publishes topical articles on aspects of forensic and legal medicine. Specifically the Journal supports research that explores the medical principles of care and forensic assessment of individuals, whether adult or child, in contact with the judicial system. It is a fully peer-review hybrid journal with a broad international perspective.

Journal of Forensic Investigation deals with the latest research in the field of investigation with respect to science and technology elevating the facts, ensuring social justice and wellbeing. The journal focuses mainly on forensic medicine, genetics, criminal justice, forensic investigation technology, molecular validation of unknown and controversial relationships, legal proceedings and medical ethics.

The Journal accepts submissions of original research, review articles, and pertinent case studies, editorials, and commentaries in relevant areas of Forensic Medicine, Context of Practice, and Education and Training.

Journal of Forensic Medicine is successfully running in the Volume 5 which covers a wide variety of specialties reaching out to analytical scientists worldwide.

Journal of Forensic Medicine also aims at promoting practical oriented research in the field of forensic medicine and law, which in turn is expected to increase the admissibility of the medico legal reports of forensic experts in various courts, either having civil or criminal jurisdictions.  All efforts are made to upgrade the publication standard of the journal, so as to maintain a level of responsibility and satisfaction in the minds of contributing authors. 

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