Recent Advances in speech language Disorder.


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Scientists continue to discover new genetic and genomic alterations (including the role of copy number variants) associated with speech and language disorders using new methods such as next-generation whole-exome sequencing. For example, a new gene, GRIN2A, was identified for focal epilepsies with speech and language disorders, reinforcing an important role for this gene in motor speech function. These discoveries are likely to improve the classification, diagnosis, and treatment of speech and language disorders.

Researchers are learning how reflux from the stomach to the throat and vocal fold tissue harms the larynx. They have demonstrated that reflux significantly alters the expression of 27 genes that are associated with malignant changes of the larynx. Understanding how changes in gene expression lead to laryngeal injury provides a comprehensive model for identifying novel diagnostic and therapeutic targets to treat reflux-related injury.

Researchers generated a transcriptome dataset to capture the complexity of genes responsible for wound healing of the vocal folds. This dataset serves as a resource in developing new studies that would accelerate the identification of novel therapeutic targets to treat reflux-related injury. Researchers suggest that self-administered computer therapy with single word production improved chronic apraxia of speech. This method shows promise for delivering high-intensity speech and language rehabilitation for individuals recovering from stroke.

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