SARS and other Coronaviruses


The recent discoveries of novel human coronaviruses, including the coronavirus causing SARS, and the previously unrecognized human coronaviruses HCoV-NL63 and HCoVHKU1, indicate that the family Coronaviridae harbors more members than was previously assumed. All human coronaviruses characterized at present are associated with respiratory illnesses, ranging from mild common colds to more severe lower respiratory tract infections.

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Since the etiology of a relatively large percentage of respiratory tract diseases remains unidentified, it is possible that for a certain number of these illnesses, a yet unknown viral causative agent may be found. Screening for the presence of novel coronaviruses requires the use of a method that can detect all coronaviruses known at present.

OMICS Group is going to organize a prestigious conference on 18th Asia Pacific Pathology Congress that will take place during November 25-26, 2020 at Tokyo, Japan under the theme analysing the ubiquity in this area under the theme “Enlightening the Latest Advancements in Pathology”.

Diagnostic Pathology: Open Access has also announced a Special Issue on this theme acknowledging the significance in the Global Scientific Community. The Special Issue is being edited by our honourable Executive Editorial Chair Person Dr. Maria Teresa Mascellino. The Submissions are Open!


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