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Journal of Architectural Engineering Technology, successfully completed eight years , presently we are favoured to invite scientists to our Journal of Architectural Engineering Technology to submit your research work.

The open access journal is distributed by OMICS who has around 700 open access peer-surveyed journals just as sorts out in excess of 3000 International Conferences. Journal is effectively running in the 9th Volume and accept all types of papers related to Architectural Engineering like Structural engineering, Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing, Architect and Professional requirements, Building engineering education, Architectural drawing, Building engineer, Civil engineering, Architectural technology Landscape Architecture connecting with logical researchers around the world.

Journal of Architectural Engineering Technology welcomes your submissions, journal accept Unique research article, case report, short communication, and letters to the editors in the fields of Architectural. Every effort is made to have a speedy and critical peer-review process.

You can also submit your research work to the editorial office.

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